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Welcome to the 2022 Baseball Fall Tournament Season! JYB will now be hosting tournaments through

Northeast Oklahoma USSSA Baseball

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Welcome to the 2022 Baseball Fall Tournament Season!  Here is a list of the upcoming Tournaments that will be played at Jenks ballpark.  I have listed a little information about each tournament to help you make an informed decision about which tournaments will be a good fit for your team.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.    To enter an event, just let me know.  Contact information is listed at the top of this sheet.   Have a great season!    
  • October 21-23  *   Cooler Days Tournament * All Ages  *  All Classes  *  $175 entry fee/ Coach Pitch is free  *  3gg

  • October 28-30  *   2022 Annual USSSA Fall State Tournament *  All Ages  * All Classes  * 3Game Guarantee

    • 9U-14U entry fee is $225

    • Coach Pitch entry fee is $50





For more information, please visit our website.


What is USSSA?

United States Specialty Sports Association

USSSA is a national sanctioning organization for various sports both youth and adult.  We are the 2nd largest sports organization in the United States behind Little League Baseball.  One of the goals of USSSA is to provide youth teams a sanctioning organization that can provide unity, insurance and post season play for all classes and divisions of teams.  USSSA is celebrating 53 years this season.

USSSA also provides a point system used in seeding teams for State Tournaments and post season National Tournaments.  Teams earn points every time they participate in a tournament.  Some tournaments are worth more than others and those usually fill up faster as most teams are trying to earn as many points as they can before the end of the season.  NIT’s and double point weekends always fill up fast so if you are interested in one of those, you need to sign up early.  For the state tournament, directors will use a teams points to seed them into the bracket.  The higher a teams points the better seed they receive.  For teams traveling to National Tournaments, they are done the same way by using a teams points.  This year they have added a Points Race and prizes will be awarded to teams with the most points at the end of the season. 

USSSA provides four classifications for youth teams.  These classifications are to keep teams playing within their own caliber and class.  No one benefits from getting beat up game after game nor do they benefit from doing the beating.  Thus, the reason for the classification of teams. 

Major Division:  These are the elite traveling teams and are usually the strongest teams from an area.

AAA Division:  These teams are competitive teams that can’t quite compete in the major division but are more advanced than the AA teams.  They are usually very good and most of them travel quite a bit. 

AA Division:  This is where the majority of the teams fall.  They are teams that pick their own players, some will play several tournaments each season, but are not looking to play as much baseball as the AAA teams.  Many of these are teams with groups of friends or classmates.  Most of the Jenks teams will fall into this division.

A Division:  These teams are usually instructional / recreational teams.  Many times they are formed from a draft or are school leagues.  Some of the Jenks teams will fall into this division.

State Tournaments

The state tournaments for the east side of the state will be played June 18th – 20th.   Entry fee is $289 for all age groups.  Each individual age and class have their own state tournament.  So if you have been playing in A/AA combined tournaments all year, this is your chance to play teams from within your own class.  You can find a list of state tournament locations as well as how to enter on the state site at   We will be hosting the 5U, 7A, 7AA, 8AA, 9AA, 10A, 11A and 13 AA groups at Jenks and the 12A and 13A in Sand Springs. 

World Series

Jenks Baseball Complex will be home to the 7U and 8U Coach Pitch World Series July 9-13.  This is so much fun and players will have a great time.  Teams are guaranteed 5 games and the entry fee is $578.  Players will enjoy a Parade of Teams, Opening Ceremonies, Skills Contests, DJ entertainment and skydivers…  and that’s just the first night.  J   If you are interested in participating, let me know asap so I can get you entered.  It is limited to the first 24 teams for each age group.  All of the Jenks 7’s and 8’s should plan on being a part of this.  It’s a great experience for the kids and families.  After Pool Play, teams advance into three Championship brackets, and 9 of the 24 teams will take home World Series Rings or trophies

We will also host the 10U and 12U Global World Series July 9-13.   Only the first 24 teams to register are accepted into this tournament.  Teams are guaranteed 7 games and will enjoy many of the same activities as the Coach Pitch World Series The exciting thing about a Global World Series is that because teams advance into three Championship brackets you are playing against similar skilled teams and 9 of the 24 teams will take home Rings or trophies.  Let me know if you are interested asap to be sure you have a spot. Entry fee is $578


USSSA Registration

Beginning in 2021, leagues cannot register their teams.  Due to the safe play act, Managers must answer the questions themselves when registering their team.  Teams must be registered with USSSA in order to participate in USSSA Events.  Go to and create a team or login to your home page if you are a returning team.  I am the USSSA Assistant State Director so if you have any questions about anything, just give me a call or send me a quick email.  I am always ready to help or answer questions!       Lynn Gibson 918-630-8789

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